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Policy of Environmental Management System





UPM has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) MS ISO 14001 and has got the certification dated December 29, 2014, with certification No. ER0909. The benefits of implementing an Environmental Management System can improve the image of UPM, save energy, reduce waste production and produce students who are environmentally-friendly and capable of long life.

UPM is committed to maintain a system of effective management in compliance with legal requirements, regulations and other requirements concerning environmental pollution prevention in particular, the development of goals and objectives based on environmental aspect impact assessment.  UPM has developed an Environmental Management Programs to achieve environmental objectives and targets. UPM's environmental objectives are:

  1. Saving paper consumption;
  2. Saving electricity;
  3. Monitoring of emission diesel fuel buses;
  4. Handling of chemicals according to best practices;
  5. Control of radioactive accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed;
  6. Control of toxic materials in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth; and
  7. Handling residual wastes in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations


EMS Policy

Universiti Putra Malaysia is committed to develop an efficient environmental management system through:

  1. Compliance with the laws, regulations and other statutory requirements in relation to the environment particularly on prevention of pollution to the environment;
  2. Development of objectives and goals based on the aspect of environmental impact assessment;
  3. Re-assessment and modification of the policies, objectives and goals for continuous improvement; and
  4. Enculturation of good practices towards environmental sustainability

(EMS policy has been endorsed by the Chairman of the Board of University Directors dated 10th December 2013)


EMS Scope

Includes teaching and learning in all faculties and Agricultural Science Foundation Center and University Agriculture Park, excluding service activities that are not directly involved in the teaching and learning process


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