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Job List Staff of Graduate, Research and International

     Communication GIF - Find on GIFER          Please be aware of the responsibility of each staff member and send your request email to the equivalent staff’s email to ensure your official requests can be processed. Every email that has been sent in on Friday will be administered the next Monday.  Every email application, inquiry or request will be automatically revoked as if it had been sent to the wrong administrator.  Thank you. Please email the appropriate officer to ensure your official business can be processed. Every email sent on Friday will be handled on Monday. The application in the email can be cancelled if the extended matter is not accurate to the assigned officer. Thank you.
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Prof. Dr.    
Uma Rani Sinniah Overall Governance
Deputy dean Chairman, Faculty Graduate Studies Committee [JKPSF]
  Chairman, Research, and Innovation Committee [JKKA]
2020_EMEL Member, Faculty Management Committee [JKPF]
Mrs. Che Zailawati Abdul Ghani Overall Governance
Senior Assistant Registrar Secretariat, Faculty Graduate Studies Committee [JKPSF]
    Secretariat, Research, and Innovation Committee [JKKA]
 2020_Call us +603-8946 4969   Members, Faculty Management Committee [JKPF]
 2020_EMEL   Managing Research Grants and MyRA 
      Coordinating KPI Data Goal 4 of the UPM Strategic Plan.
Ms. Hafsah Johan    Stewardship in the Review of Graduate Studies Curriculum
Office Secretary   Office Records Officer [Decisions of the Senate, JKPSF, JKPF, JKPSU, JKPP and JKKKPSU]
 2020_Call us  +603-9769 4806   Issuing Faculty Level Appointment Letter   Assisting the Deputy Dean in the process of handling graduate students with problems
      Assist the Deputy Dean in giving feedback to students. Lecturer and public
    Secretariat to the collection of UPM goal 4 KPI reporting
Mrs. Syaza Safwanah Shahudin   Manage applications for recruitment or admission of graduate students
Administrative Assistant   Administer Lecturers’ and Students’ PutraBlast
2020_Call us  +603-9769 4980   Manage Blended Learning   Monitore of Teaching Assessment
      Manage the Student Thesis Examination Committee
      Manage the graduate student thesis evaluation process
      Manage the faculty/university collaboration network related to MoU/MoA/Letter of Intent and other legal documents
    Manage Faculty's Awards Application
Ms. Siti Nurhajar Roslan Manage extension student registration
Administrative Assistant   Manage semester course offerings
2020_Call us +603-9769 4976  

Develop and prepare Lecture Schedule for each semester perform course registration   Manage the addition and drop of courses
      Manage course status changes
      Manage course waivers and credit transfer
      Manage the exchange of programs and fields of study
      Manage the change of education standards and Delays Semester
    Manage applications to withdraw from studies
      Manage the extension of the study period
      Manage students' comprehensive examinations
      Manage the first appointment in the Faculty's Supervisory Committee (JKP)
    Manage the re-appointment of Faculty Supervisory Committee members
       Manage PutraBLAST and Teaching Assesment
Mr. Abdul Mu'iz Abdul Muzzaffar Manage offers of scholarships or graduate internal assistance
Executive Officer 4 (PE-4) Manage the administration of research funds under the faculty
2020_Call us +603-9769 4975   Monitor and update records for faculty research projects whether local or international research   Manage claim documents related to Research Assistants, Research Assistants and Research Graduates
      Manage related Enumerators

Manage sponsorship for GRA, GRF, IGRF and SGRA students

      Manage Inaugural Lectures, Graduate Seminars, Research Invention, and Innovation Exhibition (PRPI), Research Exhibition.

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