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Guidelines at Faculty of Agriculture

In line with the announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) on 31st January 2021 regarding the re-entry of students to campus for the purpose of continuing hybrid teaching and learning activities from the Second Semester, Session 2020/2021, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) through the 686th Senate decision has decided to resume teaching and learning activities (PdP) for practical classes in laboratories and farms starting 22nd March 2021.

2. Following that, the Faculty of Agriculture will receive a total of approximately 768 undergraduate students and more than 300 graduate students will be physically present at the Faculty of Agriculture for the purpose of practical learning in laboratories and farms.

3. As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 epidemic and personal safety, undergraduate students of the Faculty of Agriculture are required to comply with the procedures of existence in the Faculty of Agriculture as outlined.



4. Every morning, students of the Faculty of Agriculture (whether it is necessary to attend the faculty or not) MUST complete the Infection Risk Assessment Form COVID-19 (URL Address:

5. Students MUST wear face masks and bring additional face masks to the faculty if the face masks used need to be changed.

6. Students need to bring a personal disinfectant liquid (hand sanitizer) and it is also recommended to bring hand soap (in a small bottle) for personal use after practical classes in the laboratory or on the farm.

7. Before attending the Faculty of Agriculture, students must first ensure that their health is in good condition and their body temperature is below 37.50C.

8. Students with SYMPTOMS are NOT ALLOWED to attend the Faculty of Agriculture and must inform the lecturer of the absence via email and short message application. Students should be responsible for the attendance of their respective lectures.

9. Subsequently, students are requested to seek advice from the University Health Center (PKU) to enable follow-up action to be taken by a physician.




10. The wearing of face masks is COMPULSORY, however, students are allowed not to wear them when performing farm practice activities provided that the physical distancing between individuals is more than one (1) meter.

11. Before entering the Lecture Hall, Lecture Room, Agriculture Hall, Teaching Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Farm and other areas, students need to monitor their body temperature by using the temperature scanner provided and use disinfectant liquid before or after holding the knob the door. This action needs to be implemented successfully without monitoring from the faculty. Students need to be honest with themselves to keep themselves safe.

12. Students are reminded to complete MySejahtera and UPM COVID-19 Tracking Form (Attendance Form) for each building visited. Filling in this form is very important to enable the university to contact students in the event of a positive case in an area that has been visited while at the Faculty of Agriculture.

13. Students are required to use the route number one (1) for the purpose of entering the Lecture Hall, Lecture Room, Agriculture Hall, Teaching Laboratory, Computer Lab, Farm and route number two (2) is the exit route for the entire location visited to avoid students collide with each other and run the risk of contracting the virus.

14. Students are reminded to maintain physical distance while using public spaces, while in the cafeteria and so on. Students are also reminded to wash their hands regularly with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

15. Students are encouraged to use the stairs when visiting their respective Departments. The elevator facilities in the Department are only for those in need.


16. Students are not encouraged to be on the grounds of the Faculty of Agriculture for more than two (2) hours after the end or upon completion of the learning session in the laboratory or farm.

17. The use of the Lecture Hall and Lecture Room as a transit space is limited to online lecture learning sessions only.



18. Students can come to the Dean's Office and the General Office to send any important documents by leaving the documents in the container provided.

19. Students are further advised to contact the relevant officer to avoid losing documents.

20. Students are also advised to make an appointment in advance with any lecturer or officer before attending the Faculty of Agriculture via email. This is to avoid any matter not to achieve its objectives as the lecturers and faculty officers are still working from home and office in rotation.

21. Students are NOT ALLOWED to enter the area of any office in the Faculty of Agriculture. All transactions must be done at the counter only.



22. Two (2) Lecture Rooms will be provided for use as a surau. Students who wish to use this facility are required to bring their own prayer equipment and prayer mats.

23. Students are reminded to maintain physical distancing while using the surau space.



24. Students are encouraged to pack food and eat their meal at their respective Residential Colleges or rental houses.

25. If it is necessary to eat in the cafeteria, students are reminded to keep their face masks with the correct procedure by bringing a paper container or plastic bag respectively to store face masks.

26. Students are advised not to place face masks under the chin, on the forearms or on the ears while eating.

27. Make sure personal hygiene before and after meals is taken care of.



28. In addition to maintaining maximum personal hygiene, students are reminded to remove their face masks by rolling them up and throwing them into the bin provided. Make sure your hands are disinfected after removing the face mask and put on a new clean face mask to protect yourself.

29. The procedure of existence at the Faculty of Agriculture is used by all students and visitors without exception. This includes students taking industrial training courses who may attend the Faculty of Agriculture for official purposes.

30. All changes to the practice of this procedure will be notified from time to time.

Thank you.
Prepared by,
Office of Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni
March 1st, 2021

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