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Agrobiotechnology labs

The Agrobiotechnology laboratory consists of four labs, which are Gene Technology, Microbiology, Cell Biology and In-Vitro labs. These labs emphasize on research and teaching, primarily on plant biotechnology. The research focuses on micropropagation, genetic transformation, gene expression and cloning, beneficial microbes and molecular markers. Crops of interest include herbs and ornamental such as Orthosiphon stamineus (Misai Kucing),  Gynura procumbens (Sambung Nyawa) and Orchids. Equipments available in these lab include Real Time PCR, microplate readers, nanodrop, biolistic particle delivery system and fermentor.

In the past, the labs have received many visits from students and teachers especially from secondary schools in Peninsular Malaysia.

Precision Agriculture lab

The Precision Agriculture laboratory is equipped with data processing capability for geostatistical computations, image analysis and interpretation, geospatial modeling, neural network analysis and decision support system. Additionally, the laboratory is equipped with a sub-meter resolution global positioning system, and ground-based optical and proximal sensors. This laboratory facilitates teaching of Principles and Applications of Precision Agriculture (TKP 5401) and Modern Agriculture Technology (TKP 3001).



Updated:: 02/03/2022


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