Industry and Community Relations Unit (JINM)

Industrial and Community Relations Unit (JINM) plays crucial roles in the development of urban and rural community to expand the local socio-economic and improve the well-being of the community


The following are the functions of JINM:


  1. Technology Dissemination:Disseminating new and improved agricultural technologies, practices, and methods to farmers, helping them adopt more efficient and productive approaches


  1. Training and Course:Providing training programs and practical initiatives to farmers to enhance their skills and knowledge in various aspects of agriculture


  1. Advisory Services:Offering advisory services to farmers, including personalized guidance on crop selection, soil management, irrigation, and pest control, based on local conditions and best practices.


  1. Research and Innovation: Bridging the gap between agricultural research institutions and farmers by translating research findings into practical and applicable solutions for on-the-ground farming challenges


  1. Urban Farming Concept: The concept of urban farming involves the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas. It's a response to the challenges of limited space, increasing urbanization for more sustainable and locally sourced food


  1. Collaboration: Collaborating with industry and community involves partnerships and cooperative efforts between different entities, typically on agriculture project, with the aim of enhancing the local socio economy shared goals and mutual benefits

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