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University Tagline

Agriculture . Innovation . Life


The idea behind Agriculture. Innovation. Life is aims to illustrate legacy of knowledge and leading agriculture in UPM which contributes greatly to life enhancement, knowledge enrichment and innovation especially in agriculture. It also illustrates the value shared with communities, governments, institutional partners, industry and other stakeholders.

This slogan consisting of 3 important words that relate to each other.

Agriculture is the main word choosing in order to forms this slogan and its relationship with the formation of UPM is undeniable because of the services, brands and agricultural trails that have been inherited by UPM over 80 years ago. The development of UPM agriculture is described as passing through education and research, producing quality human capital, enriching knowledge, exploring innovation and creating an excellent life. Hence, the words of “Agriculture” is selected to pioneer of this slogan.

Innovation in the context of agriculture is to innovate and seek new inventions for the preservation of agriculture. As such, the teaching, research, development, commercialization and development activities that have been implemented move accordance with the essence of agriculture. In other words, innovation and agriculture will ensure the sustainability of life.

Life is an impact from the success of education, research, discovery of knowledge and innovation that complement the spirit of UPM in translating the role of agriculture. Life is also a long-lasting target in university motto of “With knowledge we serve”.  

The combination of the three words is able to highlight the legacy of agricultural excellence at UPM, displaying scholarship marks at UPM, differentiated of UPM with other institutions and indirectly helping UPM translate what is meant by Agriculture. Innovation. Life (Agriculture. Innovation. Life).

Updated:: 08/09/2022 [wazien]


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