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Master of Land Resource Management



Master of Land Resource Management (LARM) is a professional postgraduate degree that was first offered in September 1999.

This program has been offered at the Faculty of Agriculture, which is one of the three founding faculties in the establishment of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra Malaysia) in 1971. The program provides professional graduates with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of land resource management from a technical and managerial point of view; covers the theory, methodology and current practices in managing land resources, particularly within the tropical region. At the end of the programme, students would have the fundamental knowledge and understanding of soil science and land resource as a tool to solve current land issues. They will be able to appreciate the concept of land as comprising living soil units within the natural landscape, and how the land can be used sustainably, thereby raising their self-esteem and professionalism to meet future challenges in land resource management.


Candidates must have:

  • Bachelor's degree in a field or fields related to CGPA at least 2.75 or equivalent; or,
  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or field with a CGPA range of 2.500 to CGPA 2.749 is acceptable subject to strict internal evaluation with 3 years of work experience
  • Bachelor's degree in related field or field or equivalent with CGPA 2.500, acceptable subject to strict internal evaluation with 5 years of work experience

**Candidates without qualifications in the relevant field or work experience in the relevant field must undergo the appropriate pre-requisite course

(SST4304 Climate Change and Agriculture)


  • The student can apply for the first (September) and second (February) semester intake of each academic year.
  • This programme can accommodate 25 students per semester.
  • It also allows individuals to register for selected any selected course.



Land Laws and Land Administration in Malaysia (SST5002, 3 credits)

This course encompasses the various land laws and acts, their relationships with land administration and management in the economic development framework of Malaysia.

Land Evaluation (SST5201, 3 credits)

This course covers the basic concepts and principles of land evaluation, data sources and procedures of land evaluation for different land use types.

Soil and Water Conservation (SST5301, 3 credits)

This course encompasses aspects of management, laws, and economy of land conservation, particularly the watershed areas, and their relation to preservation of biodiversity, natural hazard, and climatic changes.

Land Contamination and Pollution (SST5801, 3 credits)

The course encompasses topics of the effects of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural activities on environmental degradation, risks assessment and standards of air and water quality.

Land Development and Environment (EMG5505, 3 credits)

This course covers concepts of land and township development, types of project development, process of agricultural and forest lands conversion to township development, landfill and industry, soil quality, environment management, degradation of environmental quality, remediation of polluted soil and environmental impact assessment.

Sustainable Land Development (SST5601, 3 credits)

This course discusses the concepts and principles of sustainable land development, its effects on water and element budgets, and the roles of stakeholders, government, and community in sustainable land development.

Land Use Planning and Management (SST5602, 3 credits)

This course discusses the processes of sustainable land use planning; the management of different land development systems and the effects of land use on socio-economy and environment.

Land Economics and Valuation (EPT5502, 4 credits)

This course covers the basic theory and concepts in land economics as well as its application in evaluation, planning and sustainable land resources development.

Natural Resource Policy (FHU5206, 3 credits)

This course discusses the types and characteristics of natural resources; main principles of natural resources management; roles of government as owners and regulators of natural resources; evaluation of policies which address issues on the management and development of selected natural resources.

Project (SST5901, 6 credits)

The course covers literature review, site visits, data collection and analyses, interpretation of results, critical evaluation and discussion and conclusion of research project on concepts and issues of land resource management and urban development in developing and developed country.


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Dr. Roslan Ismail
Coordinator, Land Resource Management Master Program (LARM)
Faculty of Agriculture
Universiti Putra Malaysia
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Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : +603-9769 4957
Fax : +603-8940 8316
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Miss Adilah Surimin
Assistant Coordinator, Land Resource Management Master Program (LARM)
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