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What is influenza?

It is a virus infection commonly affecting nose, throat and lungs. Symptoms include fever, runny nose and cough.


What is the cause of Influenza?

Due to strain of flu viruses which causes seasonal flu and changes from time to time causing outbreak.


What vaccines are available and how they are given?

2 types of influenza vaccine namely live attenuated and inactivate vaccines. Inactivate influenza vaccines  can be given yearly basis via  intramuscular injection for children aged 6 to 5 years old. Live attenuated influenza vaccines can be given yearly basis through intranasal spray for children more than 5 years old.


Who need to be vaccinated?

Parents can choose to vaccinate their children on yearly basis as a preventive measures from influenza infection.


World wide influenza outbreak usually occurs 30 years once. It can spread rapidly and may affect huge number of people worldwide and may cause serious lungs infection and death. Hence when the outbreak develops it is important for general public to adopt preventive measures to stop the spread of the disease as  effective vaccines only able to be developed once outbreak has started as the specific responsibled viruses need to be identified first.

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