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Students of the Faculty of Agriculture Participate in the 2023 Let's Go to Agrarians Farm Program

SERDANG, Nov 1 - In conjunction with AgroCamp 2023 week, the Faculty of Agriculture in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture Student Association (PERMATANI) has organized the 'Jom Turun Ladang Agrarians' program at Ladang 10, UPM.

The program involving all new students was carried out with the aim of empowering agriculture and teaching activities outside the lecture room as well as being able to introduce Farms under the supervision of the Faculty.

Deputy Dean (Academic and Student Affairs), YBrs. Prof. Associate Dr. Juwaidah Sharifuddin said, activities like this can form a spirit of teamwork and show love for agriculture as early as the semester of study in producing a more holistic graduate.

"The students will be able to get to know each other more closely with fellow Faculty members in addition to familiarizing themselves with the soil and clay as the reality of learning here," he said.

A total of five activities have been carried out based on student groups involving fertilizing, hedging, planting king's vegetables, maintaining herb gardens and planting sugarcane.

Farm Coordinator, YBrs. Dr. Puteri Edaroyati Megat Wahab hopes that all the students involved will not be cold and hard to face the reality of this field of agriculture which requires sweat and tireless effort.

"Despite being hot and sweaty, the students seem to still be enthusiastic and happy to carry out activities like this," he said.

The program which lasted for 2 hours ended at 10.30 am and the students had to rush to get ready to continue the lecture after this. Also involved in this program are all staf of Ladang 10 & 15 as well as the AHEPA Office, Faculty of Agriculture.

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