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University Course Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norida Mazlan
Department of Plant Protection
Ms Latifah Musanif 
Department of Plant Protection



PRT2009 is a compulsory university course for all Full-Time Students, Open Learning Distance (PJJ), Executive Programme started Semester 1, Session 2021/2022 onwards.

This course covers agricultural production practices using appropriate techniques. Production management and the relationship between agricultural activities and environmental sustainability are also discussed.


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2021 2021_PRT2009 Pertanian dan Kehidupan_20200909


PRT2008 courses are no longer offered for the Bachelor's Degree Program.  
PRT2009 is inequivalent to PRT2008.
This poster was only available in BAHASA -

2021_Poster Hebahan PRT2008 tidak setara kepada PRT2009 


For any enquiries regarding University Course, please refer to the following Officer:
Ms Fahezah Nor Mohamed
Senior Assistant Registrar
2020_Call us +603-9769 4804

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